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Atlas & Anchor review of “The Cheetah”

Pronto Fall 2009 – New Release, Videos, Tour & Merch


Hi there.

We’ve been busy this summer and have some excellent things to tell you about.

Here goes…


Pronto "The Cheetah"

Today, we of Pronto celebrate these glorious, wistful days with the release of a digital-only collection of instrumentals called “The Cheetah,” in three distinct downloadable flavors:

1 – “The Cheetah” music only version will be available through the Contraphonic web store & iTunes for only $8.99.

2 – “The Cheetah – Enhanced Version” includes five music videos created by Michael Lascarides available exclusively through the Contraphonic web store for $13.99.

3 – “All Is Golden + The Cheetah – Enhanced Version + Listen Lover video, (Live from The Mint in Los Angeles by Joe Grzeskowiak/Unitus Productions)  – Deluxe Bundle” will also be exclusively available through the Contraphonic web store for $19.99.

“The Cheetah” has its origins in 2001 when Chris Girard and I were exploring the technological side of music at SOMA Electronic Music Studios, in Chicago, IL.  Once we had a collection of songs, we decided to import Greg O’Keeffe from Brooklyn to play drums on it with Noel Kupersmith playing upright bass.  We also asked Rob Mazurek to play cornet on a few of the songs, and from these sessions come the first eight tracks on “The Cheetah.”

The next song “Monster,” was an began with a simple chord pounding relentlessly into oblivion with a neanderthal drum beat thickly layered with synthesizers.  This is one of the rare tracks that doesn’t feature any other musicians on it, and my drumming during the coda indicates why this may or may not have been the best of ideas.  Michael Lascarides has made a companion video for this song:

“Marsella Rambla,” “Soybot” and “rRan” are three songs that were coaxed almost completely from the computer.  Using heroic doses of Cycling 74′s MAX/MSP, M, a Yamaha TX-816, and a Nord MicroModular we crafted and coded our way through to gurgly warm vundersounds.


Also today, Chris Girard and I embark on a week long tour supporting The Fruit Bats, beginning in Nasvhille, TN at the esteemed Exit/In:

Upon our return from this first leg, the entire band – Chris, Greg O’Keeffe, Tunde Oyewole & myself, will make our way through the mid-west, concluding this round of touring with a show at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY:

Please check our Shows page for more info.


We’ll have the ever popular “Norwegian Sweater” t-shirts, All Is Golden CD’s and Posters, Movere Workshop 12″vinyl, and handsome download vouchers for “The Cheetah” available for purchase on the upcoming tour.  Come say hello at the merch booth.


We are on Facebook, Twitter and myspace.  Please join the fun and stay tuned for more suprises.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of your lovely faces out on tour this month.


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